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Welcome to Hale Owyhee's Online Mercantile! We are a Hawaiian wahine (woman) owned business located in the treasure valley of Idaho.

When we moved to Idaho from the island of O'ahu in 2020 and 2021 we were so amazed to learn about the history behind the Owyhee Mountains. We never thought there would be such a deep history of Hawaiians in Idaho. So when thinking of our business name, we thought it’d be great to combine our birth home of Hawaii to our new home in Idaho by naming our business Hale Owyhee. Hale in Hawaiian can be translated to a house, building, or institution and Owyhee was another way of spelling Hawaii at the time. 

Our vision here is to bring cultural awareness to people who have or may be traveling to Hawai'i while also getting to share little parts of it here in Idaho. We plan to carry anything influenced by Hawai'i's "melting pot" of a culture such as snacks, fragrances, clothing and more. 

Aloha- Ivy (left) & Lynsey (right) 


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